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About Melanie Collette

Business Technology Guru, Educator, Political Enthusiast, Podcaster, Writer, Speaker

Melanie - Headshot.png

Melanie Collette, Host of MoneyTalk with Melanie

Melanie Collette uses her 20 years as a business technology educator to help individuals, small businesses, and political campaigns use technology to operate at peak efficiency. Her business technology specialties include Microsoft Office Solutions, Social Media, Data Management, Automated Campaign Outreach, and On-Site or Remote Business Technology Training.


Melanie is a political enthusiast with 10 years experience working on political campaigns in a variety of capacities from grassroots to leadership.

MoneyTalk with Melanie features lively discussions of a wide range of global, domestic and kitchen table financial topics; Guest interviews include entrepreneurs, CEOs and politicos who are experts in their fields. 

Host Melanie Collette has been an educator for many years; Courses she teaches include financial literacy, accounting, sports marketing and computer applications. She is currently an adjunct professor at Rowan University.

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